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Micromanagement has it's place, but is it where your time's best spent. Let me help fill in the blanks, give expert advice regarding current and upcoming technology - and where your money's best spent. We've been helping businesses large and small, get the most from their technology budgets, while adhering to a high standard of productivity. Don't waste another second agonizing over technology.

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Todd has been maintaining and servicing our Mac computers at Roberts Music Institute for the last five years. He is extremely knowledgeable and has always gone out of his way to make sure that our machines work properly. Not only is he very quick on turnaround time but also very fair and competitive on his labor rates. I wouldn’t take my machines anywhere else,…
“You know the miserable feeling when you just don’t know what’s up with your computer? Or, what is the right system for your business? Todd is the guy. I own a production company and since day one Todd has been our go to guy. I would say he is the premiere Mac concierge. You need IT done, then look no further!”
For the past decade we’ve leaned on MacPearson’s for all of our hardware repairs and regular maintenance. He’s one of these people that absolutely loves what they do, and goes above and beyond to not only fix a problem, but help head off potential issues down the road. We feel fortunate to have him on a very short list of trusted vendors. There’s been more than one occasion where we’ve called and he’s arrived within an hour with a solution in hand.

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